I heard a lot of laughs and groans in our previous stretching session the other day. Usually because you couldn’t handle the splits, or when we did ponte (bridge), you wanted to just bail and let the bridge fall down. The ones who laughed and groaned, well that just means you need to stretch MORE!

Stretching is a very essential part of capoeira. It helps increase your flexibility which would help you do all of your movements, like the acrobatics and the kicks. It helps with your coordination and balance so you shouldn’t be toppling over. And it helps prevent any further injuries, such as a strained back or groin.

Now we’re not all Mr. Fantastic, so ideally, you shouldn’t only stretch when you come into my class. In fact, you should be stretching everyday, or at least as much as possible. A few minutes a day for some simple stretches and you shouldn’t be groaning anymore. =)