2017 Victoria Batizado solo Highlights

2017 Victoria Batizado Solo Highlights from Instrutor Polvo on Vimeo.

A Batizado is a ceremony where students can potentially get there first belt or upgrade to a higher belt. Axe Capoeira conducts dozens of these around the world and Axé Capoeira Victoria always draws a strong contingent of Capoeirstas of all levels. The batizado is typically opened with a show, consisting of musical performances by Mestre Barrao and honoured guests, as well as folkloric dance. The show culminates in the most advanced acrobats performing capoeira ‘solos’ in which they break off from 1 on 1/roda competition and freely showcase their most eye catching and jaw dropping abilities. Above is a compilation of the best moments form the solo performances of the 2017 Axé Capoeira Victoria Batizado. Enjoy

Instrutor Polvo -Leader of Axé Richmond

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