Monthly Rodas Starting first Saturday of December 2016


We are very pleased to announce that Axé Richmond will be having a open Roda once per month, the first Saturday of each month. The Venables academy members will be encouraged to come and will hopefully show up in force! this Roda is open to any group or individual Capoeirista that would like to participate, all ages and levels welcome.

A ‘Roda’ of Capoeira is a circle of Capoeiristas Clapping, singing, and playing instruments, while players face off in the middle two at a time. It is similar to what other martial arts refer to as ‘sparring’ as there is no choreography and participants are encouraged to test themselves and others at their level. While there are no ‘rules’ there are however important rituals that keep the Roda organized, on track, and shared but competitive. The songs and music serve to elevate the ‘Axé’ of the Roda, imbue it with positive energy, and dictate to the players which style of Capoeira they should be playing; some styles are slower, more deliberate, controlled and creative, while others more characterized by speed, explosiveness and athleticism. Below is some recent footage of a Roda at our Vancouver location that takes place every Sunday. Feel free to email me at axe with any questions or for more info.