polvo bio picKenneth “Instrutor Polvo” Clarke has been training with Axé Capoeira since 2001 and has been teaching since 2009. He is the current In-School Program Leader for Axé Capoeira and teaches school wide workshops throughout the lower mainland. He is also a senior member of the Axé Capoeira performance team and has toured the province of BC successfully completing over 500 performances of Capoeira and Afro-Brazillian dance and percussion. He has competed in numerous Capoeira events in Vancouver, Victoria, Sao Paulo (BR), Recife (BR), João Pessoa (BR), Fortaleza (BR), Salvador (BR), Seattle, Calgary, Toronto, Kansas City, and Santa Cruz. In 2007, Polvo Placed 1st in the advanced category during the Axé Capoeira Kansas City Capoeira Competition.

“Personally I believe Capoeira is about positive energy and it’s cultivation. I feel free and at peace when I play Capoeira and I believe teaching Capoeira requires energy and enthusiasm. I believe our group internationally is one of the best on the planet, I’m proud to be a member and and constantly seeking to upgrade my own skill and knowledge. Capoeira has had a tremendous positive effect on my life and I hope to share its power with as many people as possible. Salve e Axé a todos os Capoeiristas reais de Todo o Mundo!”.



Bruno Santos aka “Graduado Marrom”, is originally from Sao Paulo-Brazil and has been training with Axé Capoeira since 2000. He is an experienced and well travelled Capoeirista, having participated in events across Canada, in China, Hong Kong and also Brazil – where he also parcipated in the 2nd International Axé Capoeira Competition in 2018. He’s been training in Vancouver for the last 5 years and in this time has also been teaching in school programs, in our headquarter in Vancouver and in Richmond since February 2018.

”As a Brazilian who knows the origin and history of Capoeira, I could not be any happier for being representing my art so far away from home as I am now, it’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid. Having the opportunity to spread my language and culture through this unique martial art, is a mission that I take very seriously in order to show why Capoeira is a sport  that besides offering an excellent exercise that reunite so many different aspects, it is also very effective for your mind.”

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