2017 Victoria Batizado solo Highlights

2017 Victoria Batizado Solo Highlights from Instrutor Polvo on Vimeo.

A Batizado is a ceremony where students can potentially get there first belt or upgrade to a higher belt. Axe Capoeira conducts dozens of these around the world and Axé Capoeira Victoria always draws a strong contingent of Capoeirstas of all levels. The batizado is typically opened with a show, consisting of musical performances by Mestre Barrao and honoured guests, as well as folkloric dance. The show culminates in the most advanced acrobats performing capoeira ‘solos’ in which they break off from 1 on 1/roda competition and freely showcase their most eye catching and jaw dropping abilities. Above is a compilation of the best moments form the solo performances of the 2017 Axé Capoeira Victoria Batizado. Enjoy

Instrutor Polvo -Leader of Axé Richmond

Monthly Rodas Starting first Saturday of December 2016


We are very pleased to announce that Axé Richmond will be having a open Roda once per month, the first Saturday of each month. The Venables academy members will be encouraged to come and will hopefully show up in force! this Roda is open to any group or individual Capoeirista that would like to participate, all ages and levels welcome.

A ‘Roda’ of Capoeira is a circle of Capoeiristas Clapping, singing, and playing instruments, while players face off in the middle two at a time. It is similar to what other martial arts refer to as ‘sparring’ as there is no choreography and participants are encouraged to test themselves and others at their level. While there are no ‘rules’ there are however important rituals that keep the Roda organized, on track, and shared but competitive. The songs and music serve to elevate the ‘Axé’ of the Roda, imbue it with positive energy, and dictate to the players which style of Capoeira they should be playing; some styles are slower, more deliberate, controlled and creative, while others more characterized by speed, explosiveness and athleticism. Below is some recent footage of a Roda at our Vancouver location that takes place every Sunday. Feel free to email me at axe programs@gmail.com with any questions or for more info.

Axé Richmond is moving!

Axe Richmond is proud to announce that on June 1st we will be moving to the Richmond Olympic Oval, one of the biggest and best Community Centres in the Province! We are very excited for this move and the growth potential of joining an organization such as the Olympic Oval.

Once at the Oval Tuesday and Thursday classes will now start at 815 and go till 945. Saturday times remain the same (1pm-230). We will also be adding an intro class at 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, designed for people brand new to Capoeira to learn the fundamental techniques without the intimidation of jumping into a class full of experienced Capoeiristas. Furthermore, in the fall we plan to add a kids program for aspiring young Capoeiristas 7-12 years old!

We will be performing two demos with the Oval, the first being at Minaru Park ‘Move for Health Day’ friday May 6th, and the second May 26th at the Richmond Oval Customer Appreciation event. Feel free to come check us out!

For more information please email Axeprograms@gmail.com


1rst Annual Comox Valley Batizado and Brazilian Cultural Festival

Salve Axé Richmond!

From March 30th to April 3rd, 2016 a host of Capoeiristas from around the world will be descending on Comox Valley, Vancouver Island for 4 days of intensive workshops, training and competitive Rodas. This event is usually held in Victoria for over 15 years but this year, thanks to the hard work of Graduada Alicia, the island event is being held in the Comox Valley for the first time ever, which is sure to bring energy levels to new heights. I know if you haven’t been training very long it’s hard to see it from my perspective but what I’m trying to convey is that this is a big step forward for Capoeira on the west coast of Canada and Axé Richmond will be there to represent!

This event will be a great opportunity for students of all levels to test themselves against other capoeiristas, meet new people and learn from very experienced masters and instructors. Also, it will be an opportunity for students to receive their first belt or graduate to a higher belt. I hope all richmond students can make it!

closer to the date we can organize ride shares, this is an all ages event all though constant supervision is not provided, if any minors wish to come un-accompanied this will need to be discussed with me beforehand. Accommodations for all students and accompanying parents will be provided by students of Axé Comox (optional)

the pricing breakdown is as follows:

Before Jan 25: Kids $150 Adults $170 / After Jan 25: Kids $175 Adults $200

FAMILY DISCOUNTS APPLY for members of same nuclear family. Not aunts cousins etc. 2 members 5% , 3 members 10% , 4 + members 15%.  PayPal is accepted but add $6 onto each registration. Otherwise email transfer (axecomox@hotmail.com), cash or cheque!

to register please visit http://www.capoeiracomox.com or email axecomox@hotmail.com

Guests of the event include Mestre Barrao, Mestre Eddy Murphy, Contra Mestre Barraozinho, Contra-Mestre Testinha, Contra Mestre Tigrao, Proffessor Osso Duro, Intructora Andrea, Instructor Faca de Ponta, Instructor Tizoc

Salve and Axé!

Graduado Polvo