Hi everyone!

Welcome to Axé Capoeira’s Richmond blog.

I hope everyone enjoyed their first introductory class. There’s one word about introductory classes in capoeira that immediately comes to my mind when I observed everyone in class. Awkwardness. EVERYONE has that awkward feeling when trying out capoeira moves. From the ginga, to the kicks, to the esquivas, and to the cartwheels. I’m here to assure you, that every “capoeirista” (one who practices capoeira) has gone through this phase. Trust me! Your body might have felt weird doing it, but with enough practice of course, it will all feel natural. Be patient! =)

Anyways, I will continue using this blog to send updates about classes as well as share useful and interesting info about capoeira and our group Axé Capoeira.

Hope to see everyone next week!