Fighting to the sound of Brazilian Music in Richmond

This was exciting and we are so thankful when Daniele Santos, a writer from The Source newspaper decided to do a featured article on capoeira.

You should be able to pick up a local copy of the article at your local public library.

Photo taken by: Krystal Campioni

Or…read the article here:

Halloween Roda 2014

Come join our annual Halloween Roda this year hosted by Vancouver’s Axé Capoeira. Haven’t you always wanted to play capoeira in a costume? Now is your chance! There will be some additional fun activities as well, so try not to miss out.

Vancouver Axé Capoeira
45 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
More info:

Thursday @ 6pm – 7pm.

P.S: Class in Richmond is NOT canceled. After the roda, we will go back to Richmond and train! (Not in costume).